AI-OCR Solution DX Suite

AI-OCR Solution - DX Suite

Digital transformation is the hot story of many businesses and government agencies. Digital transformation is not a trend that is inevitable in today's times for businesses and government agencies. There are many solutions and software for digital transformation. In this article, N.O.II introduces DX Suite an AI-OCR solution, a perfect tool to support digital transformation.

What is an OCR solution?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) optical character recognition. This solution has been widely applied in life and business. However, when digital transformation becomes important, the OCR solution becomes an indispensable tool for businesses. Technical requirements with OCR are quite complex.

OCR with standard forms and documents such as ID card, birth certificate, car sleeper, driver's license ... are quite easy and simple. Because now the quality of the characters is quite good and easily recognized by the software.

  • So, what about handwriting characters?
  • What if the handwriting is varied, correct or incorrect, the image is distorted...?
  • The problem poses an OCR solution with what percentage of accuracy with handwritten characters?

Most of the above concerns are answered thoroughly with the AI-OCR (AI-powered OCR) solution DX Suite using AI (Artificial Intelligence). Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been applied to almost all activities today. In the field of digital transformation, AI has brought into full play its capabilities.

What are the benefits of applying AI in OCR?

  • Accuracy has increased significantly because the AI-OCR solution has replaced humans in tasks that require constant concentration. Instantly reduce input errors and other human factors.
  • AI-OCR solution quickly reduces identification and inspection time. The system automatically arranges the extracted and checked information clearly and intuitively.
  • Immediately reduce personnel costs for data entry, once the AI ​​has done the highly accurate AI-OCR job, inputting data from handwritten letters is simple.
  • DX Suite with intelligent, highly accurate recognition has passed the most difficult tests for accurate handwriting recognition (Hand Writing)

DX Suite tool could reduce data entry hours in 3 steps:

Step 1: AI-OCR detects area where you want to extract information

Step 2: AI-OCR extract information

Step 3: AI-OCR transfers extraction result to CSV File

All the workers need to do now is just to check AI results. Human workers are aimed to be supervisors of AI. 

DX Suite is an AI-OCR solution from Japan, a solution that has been widely used in Japan, accounting for 64% of the AI-OCR market share of the land of the rising sun. In Vietnam, DX Suite's AI-OCR solution using AI has been highly appreciated by longtime AI-OCR and image research engineers.

On your approval, we could run a diagnosis test on your colleagues’ papers. AI is an improving entity - it keeps growing by learning difficult and new data. So we welcome the chance to develop an AI tool that could be tailored to your operations. 

The AI-OCR ​​solution DX Suite comes in 3 cloud-based versions.

  • AI-OCR solution DX Suite Lite plan. Support businesses with less than 30,000 requests per month AI-OCR.
  • AI-OCR solution using DX Suite standard. Support businesses with AI-OCR volume of more than 50,000 requests per month
  • AI-OCR solution DX Suite Pro plan. Support units with monthly AI-OCR from 200,000 requests.

N.O.II provides a full range of AI-OCR solutions applying AI to businesses, meeting many business models. We focus on consulting to complete data, optimize AI-OCR operations and costs, and quickly and professionally deploy. N.O.II provides a full range of post-implementation services such as testing, measurement, customer support reports.

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