BI Sales analytics

BI sales analytics (Business intelligence report for sales department)

Be updated with business activities anytime, anywhere is a necessary need and can be done immediately with Turbozest. N.O.II proudly presents BI business reporting solution from Turbozest's. This solution helps a sales manager or a regional business manager to immediately grasp the business situation of the sales department immediately. Solutions to analyze business activities help business managers make timely decisions in order to respond quickly to the market situation.

Business analysis reports BI by region, geography

Our BI business analysis report helps you to see the business activities of each area with clear visual colors. Analysis of business situation from time to time. A series of product analytics dashboards that help you see sales for each product, by category of products sold.

Business analysis reports BI by employees, products

This BI business analysis report also helps you analyze the business situation by group of employees, by region, by country or business performance of a specific employee.

Báo cáo phân tích kinh doanh BI theo sản phẩm

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