Data warehouse Building service

Data warehouse building service

Building a data warehouse for businesses is a real and necessary need today Or simply building a Data warehouse is just a work of Trend?

We confirm that today building a data warehouse is a real and very necessary need of a company. Why?

Do you believe that if a company operates for four to five years, uses two management systems, and does online marketing then they will definitely have Big Data. So building a data warehouse is very necessary.

A company with Big Data usually only exploits up to 30% of existing data to provide useful information. We discussed with perosns working as ITM or CIO, they all say that Data Warehouse is necessary and is an urgent need. So, why does a company face difficulty in building a data warehouse?

Certain obstacles when building a data warehouse

  1. Knowledge of working with big data
  2. Programming and integration capabilities
  3. The ability to understand the tools for data mining
  4. Logical thinking as well as algorithms for building intelligent BI reports
  5. Cost of maintaining resources or cost of outsourcing services.
  6. Relevance according to industry requirements
  7. Implementation time
  8. Build a data warehouse on cloud or on-premise
  9. The possibility of success of the project.

The above help us find that building a data warehouse will have certain difficulties. Therefore N.O.II is pleased to introduce the data warehouse building service package. You will save a lot of cost and time if you use our data warehouse building service. We will consult and execute a complete service package, which contains all data in different data base management systems of a company, mapping and building logicially to help you fully get the data, link to make reports for the present and future.

When will you need the data warehouse building service of N.O.II.​

  • You have many management systems and different database systems
  • You need to perform standard smart reports right away
  • You already have Power BI but reporting is not effective
  • You don't have the resources to build a technical team to build an efficient data warehouse
  • You need to get prompt realtime reports to support the boss
  • You need to focus on improving the important issues of the company

Building Data warehouse on cloud is really effective ?

Is it really safe and reliable to build a data warehouse on cloud ? Saying like if  it is reliable to bring your money to deposit into the bank? Of course there is no 100% guarantee. However, building data warehouse on cloud has certain benefits.

  1. Cloud from Google, IBM, CMC, Azure, AWS, SAP: If you build Data warehouse on these cloud platforms, there is nothing to worry about
  2. How secure when the entire data warehouse in the cloud. Answers: It is difficult for an independent enterprise to invest in a security system from hardware to software for the cloud like the above mentioned professional companies.
  3. The connection ability: Very good because Intelizest's data warehouse building solution uses many new technologies to improve connectivity and performance.

If the three questions have been answered to the fullest, you probably will not have much querry in building a data warehouse on cloud.

We provide service to build data warehouse on cloud or can create a cloud for you to build your own data warehose. In addition, we provide consultancy to develop standard report templates for departments and senior management reports for C-Level such as CEO, CFO, Sale Director, COO ... NOII is pleased to share with you about solutions and technologies to help build a data warehouse effectively, quickly, smartly but at a very reasonable cost.

Service of building data warehouse data by industry

  • Service of building data warehouse for banks
  • Service of building data warehouse for manufacturing industry
  • Service of building warehouse for distribution industry
  • Service of building data warehouse for high quality agriculture
  • Service of building data warehouse for pharmaceutical industry
  • Service of building warehouse data warehouse for F & B industry

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Data warehouse Building service