Partnership with Dicentral,

N.O.II becomes a comprehensive partner of Dicentral from year 2015. We are really impressed with its solutions and products ranges, especially supply chain solution, distribute solution, 3PL …etc. Dicentral’s solutions are not giant and not popular in Vietnam currently but its effectiveness is really impressive.

We can say that EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is still quite new to Vietnam. However, it has become an indispensable part in IT investment projects in USA or all developing countries. EDI will help investors save IT investment costs, to be a bridge connecting independent solutions which help deploy the effectiveness of such separate solutions in a supply chain or distribution.

Dicentral is a long-standing EDI supplier and be always one of the top of EDI solution supplier in the world. Hence, it is N.O.II’s pleasure to become a comprehensive partner of Dicental. As our primary goal is to bring to our clients advanced, effective solutions increasing productivities, management level and cost saving which help competiveness of enterprises stronger.

What wonderful thing that we feel in the cooperation with DIcental is the respect of good values that each party has. Both have the same primary goal is building a strong belief and reputable foundation with customers.

N.O.II highly appreciates the professionalism and ‘USA’ working attitude of training and supporting team of Dicentral. We also deeply appreciate the kind encouragement and understanding from Dicentral’s leaders. From these good seeds, we have strong belief in our sustainable cooperation which brings significant successes for us as well as for our customers, partners in Vietnam market.


N.O.II Director.