DiIntegrator for Epicor ERP

Companies using Epicor ERP turn to DiCentral for the most comprehensive hosted EDI integration services on the market. The DiCentral solution allows you to take your EDI program beyond traditional hosting models by providing complete mapping, integration, visibility, control, and communication.

DiIntegrator for Epicor ERP

DiIntegrator is a pre-configured EDI solution that can be installed locally, or in a public or private cloud. This unique architecture allows for quick installation and takes the weight off the user for map updates and daily maintenance. DiCentral's model provides powerful software that leverages the user's investment in Epicor ERP by accelerating their ability to build large ASNs and configure UCC-128 bar code label printing by UPC or item number, which saves time in the warehouse and eliminates errors. Integration of financial and supply chain data is achieved accurately and securely, eliminating heavy investment in technology and additional staff. Focusing on core business becomes your main concern when using our powerful integration solution.

As companies grow, so do their EDI requirements. Businesses that migrate their internal EDI systems to DiCentral find that they escape the constant upgrades, daily maintenance, and personnel shortages that plague other companies.


  • Improve return-on-investment by simplifying EDI experience
  • Prevent errors caused by manual data entry
  • Eliminate costly and unnecessary chargebacks
  • Reallocate valuable resources to focus on core business
  • Single-source solution streamlines customer support
  • Speed order-to-cash process


  • Seamless web services integration with Epicor ERP for purchase orders, invoices, and ASNs
  • Multiple ASN packing schemes with preconfigured UCC-128 bar code labels
  • Preconfigured trading partner maps with built-in business processes
  • Centralized map maintenance means less maintenance for you
  • Provides unmatched visibility and control of your inbound/outbound data
  • Multi-user versions in packs of 5, 10, and 15
  • Add-on modules for increased functionality available
  • Purchase order allowance adjustment

Reference: dicentral.com

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DiIntegrator for Epicor ERP