Order and Inventory Management System

DiOMS the inventory and order management system, the software help you full warehouse control and reply order immediately 


Inventory Control and Order Management for Your Global Supply Chain

Maximize inventory control with DiCentral's order inventory management system. Through the synchronization of multiorder types and inventory status, DiOMS matches customer demand to supply for accurate order management.

DiOMS provides end-to-end visibility in inventory throughout multiple sales channels. With DiOMS, all levels of inventory are available, including items and quantities demanded, available, allocated, and sold. Inventory status can be updated after each order to prevent shortages and miscommunication. In addition, current and future net needs positions are provided through comprehensive order management. Detailed reports of inventory levels are also available for viewing and evaluation.

DiOMS is a powerful stand-alone solution remotely installed at the user's office for greater inventory control and enhanced order processing and execution. DiOMS can synchronize with DiCentral's advanced EDI solution for automatic entry of sales orders and other documents. In addition, DiOMS simplifies business processes by allowing integration of order expenditures to your accounting system.

With DiOMS, complete order management can lead to optimal customer fulfillment and greater opportunities in your global supply chain.

warehouse connecting with other system


  • Maintain control of inventory through local solution
  • Establish confidence in buyer/seller relationship
  • Satisfy customers through accurate order fulfillment
  • Eliminate inventory shortages
  • Reduce errors in order fulfillment
  • Make more informed ordering decisions
  • Organize inventory for optimal fulfillment
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy in operation records
  • Increase supply chain profits


  • Supports unlimited customer types (retailer, independent, e-business, and wholesale trade)
  • Input orders and documents manually or electronically, through advanced EDI
  • Allocate sales orders across multiple vendor locations, according to customer priority, manually, or as a percentage of demand and available inventory
  • Create replenishment orders to vendors
  • Monitor total product cost with entries of additional costs and calculation of landed costs from FOB point to receipt
  • Provide up-to-date monitoring of inventory according to supply chain transactions
  • Monitor DiOMS events through email alerts, SMS messaging, or display messages, specific to user roles and permissions
  • View detailed reports of inventory, including demanded, available, allocated, and sold quantities
  • Easily integrate all order expenditures into your accounting system
  • Access solution anywhere with your mobile device's browser
  • Manage critical business processes, while centralizing visibility, across multiple locations, sites, and warehouses
  • Solution is highly customizable, giving you the ability to tailor the reporting, interface, search fields, and more
  • Supports barcode and RFID scanning

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