Purchasing management

RekoChain purchasing management solution

An effective purchasing management solution is an essential requirement for all businesses from production to service, especially manufacturing and retail companies. When you have an effective purchasing system, it makes sure that you will gain these obvious benefits

Benefits from effective purchasing management.

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  • Effective purchasing management leads to reduced input costs
  • Effective purchasing management leads to stable supply to ensure stable production
  • Effective purchasing management leads to high business profits.
  • Effective purchasing management is also evaluated when you manage multiple suppliers that offer the same product with the best service and the most competitive price.
  • Effective purchasing management is handling transactions smoothly even when an incident occurs. Purchasing department has a full range of legal records to help analyze and solve the problem thoroughly and reasonably.
  • An effective purchasing management solution is to make transactions transparent, support suppliers so that buyers and suppliers can see success.
  • Purchasing management solutions easily connect with accounting, logistics, logistics solutions etc.
  • An enterprise with an effective purchasing management solution is the starting point of all success in building an effective supply chain.

How to effectively manage the purchasing activities?

It can say that technology application is to support human. It requires a purchasing management software called supply management software with intelligent features to facilitate people who doing purchasing jobs. Such purchasing management software should apply advanced technologies such as Blockchain, machine learning, Big Data processing technology, Cloud base, BI Intelligence Report to support purchasers, sellers, and transporters, especially for warehouse management department to exchange orders, bill of lading etc. much more easily.

Today the mobile app has become an indispensable tool for almost business models. So when you use effective purchasing management software RekoChain, you will easily participate in bidding, sending proposa,sending and receiving orders.

Effective purchasing management software assists purchaser in defining clearly KPIs for suppliers. Based on these KPIs, it allows you to filter and list out the contractors/suppliers who are competent to participate in the bidding and help to qualify reliable suppliers.

We can say, in summary, that today's technology has solved nearly 80% of the difficulties of purchasing activities. What you need, finally, is a purchasing management software, which intelligently and fully integrated to make your purchase in your pocket.

As one of our customers commented: Rekochain's purchasing management software has cut 60% of employees' work lose. So please do not hesitate to contact us to try one of morden and fully featured purchase management software at monthly expense.

Key features in effective purchasing management software

  •  Bidding management
  • Supplier management
  • Smart contract management - Smart Contract
  • Order management
  • Delivery management
  • Exchange management
  • Supplier quality management
  • Effective purchase management
  • Smart BI reporting in purchase management

Purchasing management solutions by industry.​

  • Purchasing management solution for agricultural products
  • Purchasing management solution for construction industry
  • Purchasing management solution for equipments
  • Purchasing management solution for the fashion industry
  • Purchasing management solution for retail industry

Why is RekoChain purchasing management solution effective?

RekoChain Supply management solution fully applies Blockchain technology to facilitate the transactions and contract terms implemention

All people from buyers, suppliers, transporters, customers will operate on a same platform.This helps to save maximum the cost of transactions.

RekoChain effective purchasing management solution provides a full range of important modules such as bidding, order processing, promotions, statistics to faciliate purchasing managers at their work.

You always get timely support from Intelizest when using RekoChain effective purchasing management solution. We are pleased to support all parties participated in our RekoChain supply management platform.

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Purchasing management
Purchasing management