Software as a service

Software as a Service (SaaS) - Cloud computing

Whether your enterprise is currently renting software or utilizing software as a service, it is a smart investment; that is the inevitable way forward in today’s global commerce. Coupled with the virtualization of hardware rentals, the development of Hardware as a Service is rapidly growing, this presents new incredible opportunities and options for enterprise to fully take advantage of today’s most advance information technology solutions, at minimal costs. 

software as a services

N.O.II is ecstatic to introduce Software as a Service in Vietnam. We provide deployment of software solutions as a service via cloud computing platform. It’s our pleasure to introduce DiCentral’s SaaS solutions for the Vietnam market, include:

With N.O.II’s SaaS software solution services, you will have complete peace of mind, for the following reasons:

  1. Our absolute commitment to the safeguard of your confidential business information
  2. We employ the highest world standard security system and protocol
  3. Rich and dynamic application
  4. Provide effective resolution to complex business problems
  5. Meet International standards
  6. Smart financial investment
  7. System is always ready and available
  8. Minimize investment risks
  9. Minimize number of system users
  10.  Expand to borderless global market

With N.O.II’s cloud computing (Cloud Base) as the technology deployment platform of the future; we have exclusive distribution right to this technology and solutions for the Vietnam market.  All your system hardware and software service needs can be can met through N.O.II’s Cloud Base.  With N.O.II as your technology partner, you can finally focus your efforts on managing your business and develop market; derive further technology requirements for competitive advantage; and increase revenues and profits.  

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Software as a service